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Are you attending a business meeting, dealing with a public authority or negotiating with a partner who does not speak your language? We can arrange for an interpreter either from our in-house team or from the ranks of our reliable external colleagues.

Kinds of interpreting

What kind of interpreting will you need?

In consecutive interpreting, the speaker stops his/her speech after rendering a complete thought for the interpreter to interpret what has been said. It is used most frequently for business and other meetings.

On the other hand, simultaneous interpreting is performed through interpreting equipment (microphone, booths, earphones). The interpreting is performed in real time. It is used for conferences, training and other events with many participants.

Sworn interpreting is performed by a court-appointed interpreter, who confirms the performance of his/her job by an imprint of his/her stamp. This type of interpreting is usually used for court hearings, acts before notaries and also marriage ceremonies.

Interpreting requires preparation

To provide you with quality services customised to your needs, we will need to ask you the following questions:

  1. What languages will be involved?
  2. Will you need a stamp certifying that the interpreter has been appointed by court?
  3. When, where and for how long will the interpreting be needed?
  4. What field or topic will be concerned?
  5. Can you provide us with underlying documents in advance?
  6. Do you need consecutive or simultaneous interpreting?

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