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Team work bears fruit

We choose the best for you from various professions…
In Prague, Brno and Plzeň.

Front Office

Kateřina Kulíšková

Front Office Manager & Key Accounts
phone 737 670 575

Kateřina has a background in hospitality management. Following her graduation, she went on to earn professional experience in France, Sri Lanka and Spain. She speaks English and has a passive knowledge of Spanish. As Front Office Manager, Kateřina is in charge of our day-to-day communication with clients.


Anna Augustová

Office Manager – Brno
phone +420 734 440 288, +420 542 214 351

Anna graduated from a business academy focusing on foreign trade. During her studies, she spent some time on internship in England and, in 2010, she was issued the LCCI certificate (English for Business). In Orange Tree she accepts orders, communicates with clients and deals with other administrative needs of the Brno branch. She speaks English.


Eliška Svejkovská

Office Manager – Plzeň, Junior Translator
phone +420 732 189 777, +420 377 226 660

Eliška attended the secondary Grammar School in Mariánské Lázně. After graduation, she worked in the debt collection sector for several years. First, she was employed at the Distrainer’s Office in Cheb as an auction officer and then at the Pilsen Distrainer’s Office as a legal assistant. In Orange Tree, Eliška works as Office Manager and Junior Translator. She speaks English and has passive knowledge of German.