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Valid from 1 March 2017

Translation services rates

Rate per SP
from a foreign language into Czech (Group I)* CZK 390
from Czech into a foreign language (Group I)* CZK 430
from a foreign language into Czech (Group II)** CZK 430
from Czech into a foreign language (Group II)** CZK 460
between Slovak and Czech CZK 250
between foreign languages in group I* CZK 660
from a foreign language in group I* into Slovak CZK 450
surcharge for sworn translation (per SP) CZK 150
surcharge for sworn translation between two foreign languages in Group I (per SP) CZK 250
technical and linguistic proofreading (per SP) CZK 200
modifications and changes to a text (per SP) CZK 100
formatting (per SP) CZK 20

* Group I (major world languages): English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, Hungarian
**Group II (other languages): Dutch, Romanian, Portuguese, Croatian, Bulgarian
*** Group III (exotic languages) – based on an individualised quotation

Fast translation

SP/24 hours 0-10 10-20 20 and more
surcharge 0% 30% 50% – 100%
  • The minimum deadline for sworn translation is 24 hours. Sworn translations can be delivered within shorter deadlines only based on an individual agreement.
  • 1 standard page (SP) = 1500 characters without spaces
  • The number of standard pages is always rounded up to 0.5 SP.
  • The smallest number of SP billed is 1.
  • The price of translation is always billed based on the number of standard pages of the target text!

The above prices are exclusive of VAT. The agency is a VAT payer at the rate of 21 %

Interpreting services rates

1/2 day (up to 4 hours) 1 day (4 to 8 hours)
consecutive starting at CZK 3,800 starting at CZK 7,000
simultaneous starting at CZK 4,500 starting at CZK 7,500
sworn interpreting starting at CZK 4,500 starting at CZK 8,500
overtime 20% surcharge for each commenced hour
short notice surcharge based on agreement (10 – 50 %)
not later than 24 hours in advance 50 % of the total amount
  • These rates apply to English, German and French. The rates for other languages are subject to agreement.
  • The time of interpreting also includes preparations on site and breaks.
  • We recommend ordering an interpreter at least one week in advance.

If interpreting is to take place abroad, it is necessary to arrange for the interpreter’s accommodation, transportation and meals. Based on agreement, we either arrange these at the client’s expense, or the client provides these to the interpreter on his own. The amount of per diems – Decree No. 2014 Coll., stipulating the basic rates of foreign per diems for 2014.


Apostille rates

Apostille attached to a document issued in the Czech Republic: CZK 600
Apostille attached to a sworn translation of a document issued in the Czech Republic: CZK 1100
Notarised copies: approx. CZK 39 for one page (if the document is double-sided, the rate is CZK 78).

Sworn translation: see the translation services rates.

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